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"It's amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness. People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered, and if we're compassionate we'll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint." - Penn Jillette

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You can't measure love.

But wait...

It seems you can.

Or at least, you can measure with love. Or anyway, with heart shaped spoons. Aren't these cute??

If you want some, just Google "Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons" and you'll find them a-plenty. There are heart shaped measuring cups to be had, too. See?

You can get all kinds of heart shaped things, it seems. Coffee scoops:

And bottle stoppers:

And even an ice cream scoop:

Type in "heart shaped" anything and you'll probably find it. I guess you can buy love...

This is probably as close to a Valentine's Day post as I'll get. Enjoy.


Rick said...

So many practical hearts. Very different from my Valentine post.

Kyddryn said...

I like yours, though...at least it's original!