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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

But I got better...

Honestly, can you have a bad day when there are Rice Krispies Treats? The answer here is no, no you can't. I still have tin foil cuts, and they're about as fun as they sound, but the day improved when I remembered that, among the other things left on the counter last night, there was a box of Rice Krispies and a bag of marshmallows. Hmm...now what was I going to do with those, do you think?

Also an entry into the "Improve the Day" column is the game Candyland. Yeah, it encourages kids to have a licorice jones, but it's simple, fun, and the Evil Genius likes it. We played two rounds and he won both without any help from me. He was so proud of himself. Heh. I really didn't cheat, either. Not that I do - I don't patronize the kid that way, he doesn't need it. He has to learn about losing and perseverance or he won't be able to face the real world.

I don't think everything has to be fair, I don't think every kid should make the team, and at the end of the season, not everyone gets a trophy. He needs to learn that now, not after he's been filled with unrealistic expectations by people who don't want to dent his fragile self esteem (which is tougher than Rhino hide thank you very much - you couldn't dent it with a cannon!) so they'd rather set him up for a fall later. No, I don't feel strongly about this.

Anyhoo, we played Candyland and made Rice Krispies treats, and then taste tested them to make sure they weren't toxic or anything. The we tasted them again, just to make sure the first pieces weren't a fluke. They weren't. Whew, what a relief.

Before the nutrition Nazis come after me and flog me with a rice noodle or something, he ate plenty of apples, carrots, cheese, and other healthy snackish things today, too. Relax.

I managed to make the lasagne and the key lime pie without hurting myself or my kitchen, so T had his birthday dinner without incident. Whew, another relief.

Also, it rained buckets, and that was brilliant - we're still about thirteen feet below normal in the lake, and it'd be nice for the fish to have somewhere to swim. These are the same storms that ploughed through Alabama and killed several dozen people, but thankfully they calmed down and got a little more Zen and a little less Sumo before they visited here.

Bored yet? The point is, the day did improve with a little effort. The same things pissed me off that always do, but at least I got the hell over them and muddled through somehow.

Cooking therapy wins again!

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