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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Rainy Day

This morning, I woke to a room cool with shadows, large pillow at my back, arms wrapped around the bunched-up comforter. Thunder rumbled in the far distance, a comfortable, snuggled-into-bed kind of sound. Maya the cat was nestled in with me, purring softly, nose tucked under tail. Her purring made a counterpoint to the thunder. Ki, another cat, was curled up with her, making a feline Gordian Knot.

Rainy morning wake-ups can be such luxurious things - when you can sleep late, wake slowly (no phone ringing, nowhere to be, child still sleeping), and come gently into the day. I've long enjoyed waking up to long, rolling thunder, the patter of rain on the roof, the grey light and the silver wet.

Last night, I once again pulled a muscle in my neck - it's the same one, over and over, and I think I need a new pillow or it'll keep happening. It hurts to turn my head, aches all the way down into my shoulder. I didn't sleep well until around five or six this morning, so being let to sleep in, having life, the universe, and everything scheme to give me a lovely morning like this one, well...I sure do appreciate it.

I had enough time before Bird woke up to make a bit of breakfast and check on the owl to see if if he was still there - he is. I wonder what he thinks of rainy days? Maybe he just sleeps right through them. Bird and I will certainly be having a laid-back day. A bake-cookies kind of day. A banana bread day. A laundry and snoozing on the recliner day. A rainy day.

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