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Friday, February 29, 2008


I caught a glimpse of the owl this morning.

I know, big deal. Well, it was a bit of a big deal, since yesterday he was nowhere to be seen. Usually, he'll hang out on the end of his branch for a bit during the day - maybe just a few minutes, but I swear, it's like he's waiting for me to see him and smile before he goes back in. Yesterday, he didn't show up, and I was worried. Especially when the blue jays were landing on his branch with impunity.

I told mum I hoped he hadn't gotten tree-sick and fallen off his branch or something. She laughed, and so did I...I mean, come on, can't you just see it? Poor little owl, turning a little green and...plop! It's been so windy of late, I know he's had some wild rides. I think yesterday he hung out by the trunk because it's quieter there. Smart bird.

I can still see him, head tucked down, eyes closed, perched in his usual place. I must say, my heart lifted a little to see him there.

Here comes the wind again.

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foolery said...

I hear our owls at night, but I rarely see them. What a treat to be able to watch an owl all day!