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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Bird just wandered into the living room and lost his mind over...I have no idea what. Something to do with his cup. We told him he can't have an open cup in his room, it has to be a straw or sippy cup - they don't spill. He wasn't pleased about that...

He came into the living room and told me he never wanted to drink from that kind of cup again, then burst into tears and didn't want me to look at him. Huh. Kids are an enigma. I coaxed him onto my lap - he didn't want to climb up while there were tears in his eyes, but they wouldn't stop coming, wouldn't leave him alone. I told him he could wipe them on my shoulder - no, that wouldn't work because he was wiping them on his own should and they were still coming. His words. He didn't want his mum to see him crying. Good grief, he's only FIVE!! Can't he be allowed free emotional release for a few more years before he has to man up?? I don't know who told him big boys don't cry, but I will knock them into next week if I find out they did it again. I will hunt them down and knock them into next week. Let my kid be a kid, for cryin' out loud!!

Like I said, I managed to get him onto my lap, and I asked him why he was crying...was he sad? Angry? I explained that I cry when I'm angry or sad, or even happy, which is completely unreasonable. He smiled. I told him it was OK to cry when he felt strongly about something - it helps to get the sad and mad out of him. I also told him that I found it helpful to talk about what made me sad or mad. He thought about that, then explained about how he wanted big-boy cups in his room, but he was bad at night and he couldn't have them. Wha...? I told him he's not bad at night...I know sometimes (OK, most of the time) he plays even after the lights have gone out, but he DOES eventually sleep. Poor little guy. I think it's easy for the mind of a child to blow things out of proportion. I think he was crying because he talked himself into believing that his straw cups would go away forever, and it broke his heart. And everything else followed.

I held him close and told him a mommy story (one I made up, he likes them even if they are about as interesting as watching tar harden) and sent him to bed. One little outburst later, he snuggled on down clutching his straw cup. Oh my goddess, I love him so much, it makes my heart stutter. I can't keep him from hurting, even if it's only over a cup...but I can still make it better. Mommy power still in full effect. Whew.

Up, down, up, down...

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foolery said...

Bedtime fragility -- when nothing is reasonable and all behavior is on the table. My 4 1/2-year-old is like that every night, and her almost-7-year-old sister still subscribes to it now and then.