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Saturday, February 23, 2008

An odd synchronicity.

I've noticed something...interesting...while tripping through the blogopolis. That thud was the spell check hitting the floor. I may need better medical coverage for it. Anyway, I have noticed something interesting, even if I am the only one who thinks so.

I have mentioned I read quite a few blogs, yes? And sometimes I follow links from those blogs to other blogs (excuse me, the spell check is twitching violently and I need to get it a pillow) because apparently raising and home-schooling an Evil Genius, writing stories, writing, practicing, recording and performing music, and studiously avoiding finishing housework just doesn't fill up my day. And also, really, who needs more than three hours of sleep a night? Oh, right, that would be me. Where was I? No, really...I think I derailed my train of...oh, wait, there it is!

While playing "follow the bouncing blog", I have noticed that a number of folks have some of the same links I do posted on their pages. Post Secret is one of them. Several of the blogs I have listed over there ot the right are also common ground. Apparently a number of us are reading and interested in some of the same things. Isn't that a terrific example of the "It's a small world" philosophy?

Now I don't know about you or anyone else out there, but the blogs I have listed off to the side? I read them all at least once a day. Sometimes twice or more. Again, obviously I have no life. My list is growing...so many neat people out there with things to say, and how else will I ever steal be inspired by ideas?

As a sort of aside, I love Post Secret and haven't missed a week since I found it. I've never sent anything in, though...that's what blogs are for, right?

And while I am being completely random, can someone tell me when it's OK to link to another blog that one enjoys? And if one should ask permission first or just dive right in? Because I have recently run across some more folks I enjoy reading, but haven't linked them because heaven forbid I should be electronically rude. Not that I asked any of the folks I already , listed off to the right, there, but I'd sure hate to piss some of these terrific writers off. You know, they used to tell the nobility that it was better to have an angry bee shoved in their codpiece than anger a bard. Or something like that.

And now that I have dizzied you with my staggering intellect and rapier wit...I am going to go raise my basement-level blood sugar and get some sleep.

1 comment:

foolery said...

You know, it never once occurred to me, until a couple of months ago, to ask. And then the only reason it occurred to me was that someone asked ME. I haven't run across anyone who minds yet, so my reasoning is, as long as I'm respectful, most people are thrilled to have the extra exposure.

Maybe thrilled when OTHER bloggers do it -- I should rethink that phrase because it may not apply to THIS blogger. Me in all my silliness.