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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moon, Moon

There was a lunar eclipse tonight. T and I stood outside and watched the eclipse - patchy cloud cover made a hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo event of it. Bird was with us, and we told him stories about the moon, legends, and history. We discussed the phases of the moon, and also how an eclipse happens with shadows and light, and why the moon shines at all. We talked about the men who had walked on the moon, the footprints still there, and how one day he may walk up there, too (the US is reviving the program and hopes to have people on the moon again around 2030 or so). I sang a moon song.

We really enjoyed it, and video taped the first half. The clouds are thick enough now that we can't watch the re-emergence, but it is also late and time for Bird to be in bed. Our cats are scampering around the house, wrestling each other. Even though they are indoor beasties, I think they know something's up.

I hope y'all have enjoyed the eclipse!

Eclipse photo by David E Jones of Atlanta and posted entirely without his permission but in hopes he'll forgive the lapse in courtesy.

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foolery said...

I got home from practice at about 7:20PST and my husband and daughters were standing in the front yard watching the eclipse. We checked on it every 10-15 minutes until the clouds and the Sand Man won out.