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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Phish Food

I always figured my mum loved me. Never doubted it for a minute. She shows her love, as mums do, in many ways. But now I know how much she loves me, because she brought me this:

This is Phish Food, perhaps Ben and Jerry's finest flavor ever. Now, I'm not knocking Cherries Garcia, Vermonty Python, or any of the other good stuff they crank out up there in the lovely, delicious, frozen North. I just think that Phish Food is the crown jewel of their flavors.

My grocery store stopped carrying the stuff. They have some of the other flavors, but I guess after I cut down my pint-a-week habit, they didn't see any reason to continue ordering it. Dang. Mum was shopping at her store up where she lives and saw my favorite frozen treat, and she bought some to cart down to me. The woman drove over an hour to bring me ice cream!

Tonight, as T was cleaning out the freezer in preparations for tomorrow, he asked where if he should leave the Phish Food. Yes, please. Both of them? Both? There's more than one? Aww...my mum really loves me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go wash the marshmallow off my face...

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