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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mmmm, waffles...

Bird and I just had waffles for breakfast. Homemade ones. Yum!

How does he manage to get the syrup in his ears?? He knows how to use a fork (not that he actually uses one, but he does know how), a napkin (see previous parenthetical statement), and the like...and I don't put that much syrup on - maybe a tablespoon for a whole big waffle - so how does he do it?

It's a wonder.

Want my waffle makin' recipe? It's a cheater recipe - I use Bisquick. They have a perfectly useful recipe on the side of the box. I make that up and add (because I can't leave well enough alone) cinnamon, powdered ginger, and vanilla to it. Mmm. House smells nice. Don't panic - I do make pancakes from scratch (heh...want to read something cute? Go read this!), and intend to learn a nice waffle recipe, too - but when you're in a hurry you can't beat a good mix.

The recipe says it make 12 waffles, but not on my monster maker - I am lucky to get four out of the batch. I froze two of them for later. You know, in case strawberries go on sale and I suddenly can't live without strawberry shortcake style waffles or something.

'K, now I have to go get the syrup and...um...is that catsup , ketchup, tomato based condiment in his other ear??? Good grief.

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foolery said...

It's worse when the child has long hair, believe me. Jam, syrup, ketchup, peanut butter -- you name it, it's in the hair.