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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But it wasn't all bad...

So the day started out irritating. Big deal.

I could have had my best friend's day - she had to deal with her mother going into surgery and unexpectedly being saddled with someone else's child for the day when she had other plans...namely going to her mother's house to do something nice and tidy up a bit while her mum was recovering. Not that her mother's house is a mess, but it was just something nice to do.

I could be my doctor's office manager, who had to call and talk to me this afternoon. The woman was trying to get me to admit that I was the one who screwed up the appointment. Hah! Why would I just show up and insist I had an appointment when I didn't? I've never done that before, have I? She wanted to know if I'd brought the appointment card with me. Or if I still had it. Nope, but you can bet that if I keep using that office I'll never again make the mistake of tossing the card once the calendar's marked. She was trying very hard to make me say I'd made the mistake, and really didn't want to apologize...and then had the gall to sound like she was doing me a favor by rescheduling the appointment. She didn't want to believe that they'd neglected to contact me or the phamacist after repeated calls, either. Read the computer record of the prescriptions they'd called in for me and it wasn't there. Well, duh, of course there was no record of the one in question when they never called the damn thing in! When I told her I no longer bother leaving messages on voice mail because they never get returned, she really didn't have an answer. She did finally apologize and make the new appointment, but that doesn't mean I am going to make nice next time I'm there.

You don't try and blame the consumer for your fuck up. Not ever. You apologize, take it in the teeth, and make it right. Backpedalling and trying to pass blame will only piss me off more and will probably result in my trying to get you drawn and quartered fired.

Or I could have had my brother's day. His wife was hospitalized last week with a torn placenta (sorry, fellas, I know you didn't need that visual) and ordered on complete bed rest. It didn't work, and yesterday the doctors did a c-section and brought their son, my nephew, into the world far earlier than he was planned for. 14 weeks early, to be exact...that makes him a 26 weeks baby for those of you who don't know baby math. Nephew was born 1 pound, eleven ounces sometime last night, and that's all I know about him. He hasn't got a name yet - they hadn't figured that out yet. My brother was joking with mum that he may name the baby Houdini, since he's an escape artist.

So my day wasn't briliant, but at least I got to hang out with my Evil Genius, crochet a bit,be grumpy on my blog, have a nap. I looked out my window and watched the owl bob up and down when the wind played tag with the trees, as still as any Zen master meditating. The world around him was rushing, roaring, shaking and trembling, and he was still. There's a lesson to be learned in that owl.

One nice thing about bloggin is having a place to mouth off about stupidity (mine and other's) without damaging anyone but the poor few who read the words. Better than therapy. And now I am going to unload the dishwasher, run some laundry, maybe color some picture's for my friend's new coloring book project. It's not such a bad day after all.

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