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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feeling a little Horse...

Yes, I'm ridiculous. So what? I did Bird's, just for fun. Heh.

The HORSE … THE HEADSTRONG HORSE (Headstrong...hmm...I see they've met my son.)

The valiant Horse loves speed, adventure, freedom and change. (Well, he's only five but...yeah, that's really true. He likes new things, doesn't like rules and restrictions, and he LOVES race cars!)

Impatient by nature, Horses insist that life revolves around them. (Again, he's only five but...hell, yeah!! Good lord, if his lunch isn't made three seconds after he announces he's hungry, it's like working at Denny's again...ugh...flashback. He gets frustrated when things don't go his way, and yeah, the world rotates around him. Heh...I have frequently told him that I am NOT the entertainment director on the cruise of his life!)

When they have a chance to do something great, they will dive in with both hands, but their lack of discernment between promising and not-so-promising opportunities can block their success. (Yeah, Bird'll throw himself equally into any project without worrying about how I'll feel about it. Paint on the paper, paint on the wall, what's the difference??)

Their great sense of humor makes Horses amusing friends. Their intelligence, passion and discipline will create good luck for them. (Oh, yeah, Bird is always making me laugh. He's better than Comedy Central...)

Horse people are full of nobility and grace but at the same time they show great strength. (He is a strong little mump...)

They can work extremely hard and will achieve success. (He DID win two games of Candyland yesterday...)

Horses adore magnificence and beauty and enjoy being among groups of people, where they can shine with their knowledge and charisma. (Because they like being the center of attention? Bird does like hanging out with his friends, but I think that's because he gets sick of me all the time. Also, he's always telling me facts about things, like your kidneys help you breath. Who knew?)

In fact, Horses flock to performances of all types and love passionate things. (Hey - he always likes to dance at my band's concerts, and he knows all our songs by heart. Mostly.)

Be sure to always compliment the Horses you know for their talents and accomplishments. (Just a little while ago, I told him he was the BEST pottier I knew.)

They want to create and produce many wonderful things but sometimes they simply want too much. As honest stallions, they are the first to acknowledge their failures and the lessons learned. (Bird loves art, especially water colors, and he often wants to try his hand at EVERYTHING he sees me doing. Oh, he does love to "help"! He isn't so good at the learning part yet, but then...hello? He's five! He'll get there!)

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