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Monday, February 11, 2008

Update the second.

He (or she, for all I know - it's not like I can walk up and ask!) is back again today. I wonder if this means we have a new friend? Whatever the reason, I'm tickled to see it. It's not very big, so I am thinking it may still be a little young. Then again, I have proven that I have a dirth of knowledge regarding owlish things, so it could be an octogenarian!

So what do owls mean to y'all? I've always seen the owl as a messenger between the worlds and a guardian of dreams. I give friends and family little owl figurines or pictures to hang above their kid's beds, and there's a large, black stone owl outside my front door, one of my house guards. Perhaps an owl tattoo is in my future. Mmm, ink. Something a bit tribal, maybe like the Alaskan tribal art I see from time to time.

As I sit here typing, I can turn my head a little and see our friend sitting ever so still on the same branch from yesterday - it looks like a statue up there. In a little while, some of the smaller neighborhood birds will start hollering at it - seems they don't like owls hanging about, something about not wanting to be dinner.

Hah! It moved! A moment ago he (I can't keep calling the little feller "it", that's too impersonal and I am growing fond of him) turned his head around and had a good scratch. I can't blame him, feathers are itchy! A blue jay landed on a branch near him and began scolding, and the owl slooooowly turned and gave the jay the stink eye. The jay suddenly realized he (this one WAS a boy, I could tell by the coloring. I'm not completely hopeless!) had something urgent to do on the other side of the yard. I think we'll see more movement today, as it is far less windy and our feathered chum is feeling more comfortable.

It's better than the Discovery channel! Maybe Bird and I will learn about owls this week as part of our schooling.

I hope we weren't blessed with our new chum because it lost a home elsewhere. There's so much construction around here, soon our tiny patch of woods will be all that remains. Sigh.

Is it a sign of how dull my life has gotten, that I'm this tickled about an owl??


Kacey said...

Hi! just blog hopped into your blog. I have a thing for owls. We back up to the woods, and one owl has befriended me. Well, I rarely see him. He did come land on a branch right out my window and sit and stare at me not too long ago. So, yes, I think owls are cool.

foolery said...

I love owls. We used to have a barn owl -- all white (I have no idea what type) that we'd go peek at once in a while. He'd sleep way up high between the silos, and drop pellets on the shoulder-high wooden brace between the two silos. As kids we used to get antsy and try to scare him away, just to see him fly. Rotten bastards.