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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When Did I get a Life?

I am heading out of town...again...on Friday. My band has a gig next week, and Mum, Bird, and me are taking the whole week to camp, enjoy nature and good music, and relax. It's at Wisteria, a beautiful campground/intentional community in Ohio. We've been there before for another event, so it's familiar and comfortable. Allegedly, they have installed WiFi in the cafe (a shed-roofed building with no walls, a funny little kitchen area, and a stage in the corner), so I may be able to live-blog while I'm there...which will suit me fine, as I am completely besotted with the Blue Nowhere and loathe the idea of being ten days without. I'll still pre-post for the week, just in case...

In the last three months I have been away every weekend and more than a few weekdays. I've been down to Florida and up to Mass, and am going to Ohio soon. The days I'm home, I have band rehearsals, sewing, errands, laundry from the trips I've taken, cooking and dishes to do, cat boxes and toilets to clean, and a marriage that has ended and needs cauterizing and tidying up.

After Ohio, I am done for a while, traveling only if I want to - and there is one trip I am longing to make but can't...won't...discuss just now, because it is still a nebulous "perhaps" and not concrete...and I don't want to jinx it.

When did I get so busy? When did I get a life? And where can I return it for quiet days by a pool with people I love, evenings cooking on the grill or splashing in Suwanee fountain, nights sitting out front watching fireflies flash and singing along with the peepers?

Anyone else suddenly find themselves living in the midst of their chaos??


Kerri said...

always living in chaos!!!

just the 3 of yall in oh then?


RachelW said...

Yes. Maybe it's the time of year. It always seems to get this way in June.

Anonymous said...

Chaos, chaos! I don't think I know what "stop and smell the roses" is anymore!
At least, not since I inherited a husband and his two kids.
'Course, life is what happens amongst all the chaos. You're making some wonderful memories. Which of course allows you to have such interesting posts! :)

Kit said...

Did you hear us missing you last night, then? We did.

But it's nice to have a flurry of activity like this once in awhile. A good shake-up opens windows, while simultaneously making you appreciate simpler times when they come.

Suzy said...

Dude, believe in yourself and everyone else will too. Been there, done THAT!

Kyddryn said...

Hey, sister-of-my-heart, you betcha...chaos galore! And yeah, just the three of us in Ohio.

Rachel, must be the extra light or something...June always seems so crazed, for me. Or maybe I'm the one who's crazed and June is just playing along.

Kit, I missed you guys, too...and we WILL get back into our groove eventually...you know...like in November??

Suzy, I'm tryin'...and one of these days, I'll manage to get there, because if I'm anything, it's cussedly stubborn.

Thanks for sticking with me through the insanity, y'all.