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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday Meanderings (Despite it Being Tuesday)

Monday Meanderings

Yes, I know it's Tuesday...but since I posted about Sunday on Monday, I thought I'd continue the trend.

I spent the morning writing, online, and talking to passers-bye. Folks here aren't shy about chatting, even if one is on the computer, and it's nice. They don't mind that my attention is divided.

The Evil Genius had terrific fun at childcare and is looking forward to more hours of play. He made several friends who played near our booth while I cooked dinner tonight.

I'm doing my usual meals - everything cooked on the grill at night, cold stuff during the day. It got hot, today, and had I not agreed to help with a chant workshop, I would have napped the afternoon away in a sweaty stupor. As it was, I hiked my sorry butt down to one of the places in the woods where workshops are held - and I was glad of it.

The woods were lovely and cool, and there was enough of a breeze to keep them that way even in the hottest part of the day. I could probably have lived without the deer flies, especially when they figured out how to fly up my skirt. Ouch!

The music was lovely, though, and I picked up a couple of new songs. I enjoy sharing music with others....

It got warm, in the afternoon, but not so hot that we couldn't move, couldn't breathe, couldn't think...just warm enough to make some cold fruit a delight, cold water a blessing.

Our evening was relatively uneventful, punctuated by dinner, chat, laughter, and stories for Bird. I spent part of the early dark up the hill, sitting under the trees, watching the fireflies blink their songs, their calls, watching bats swoop overhead, listening to crickets and distant drums.

I haven't gone down to the drum circle yet...I like hearing them from afar, going to sleep to their lullaby.

It's morning, now - Bird woke me early, and we colored and chatted while he ate breakfast, then headed for child care. He's playing in the sand, getting filthy, and happy. There's a shower in my near future, and a nap. And, of course, more notes and observations, more little pieces of the days here to write down and share later.

Not exactly burning up the wires with anything amazing, but sometimes the ordinary is just fine with me.

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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

"the woods are lovely... dark, and deep"...

I gotta learn that deer-fly trick...