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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Don't Have a Title for This

Scene: Not quite seven...the AM one, when I am usually still sleeping because I went to bed a few hours before. Bedroom, light filtering in through the blinds and half-drawn curtain. Footsteps thud down the hallway as the Evil Genius scampers into the room and launches himself onto the bed.

EG: Mommy, are you ready for Animal Show?

(Aside - Animal Show is when he clambers into the bed and we pretend to be animals and wrestle for a bit.)

Me: Sure, Little Dude.

EG: OK - you be a hermit crab and I'll be a stingray.

Me: OK

EG: Uh...Mommy? What's a stingray?

Me: Remember the teacher in Nemo? He's a ray, a Manta, and a stingray is kind of like that.

EG: Oh. OK. But I'm no ordinary stingray...

Me: Oh?

EG: Yeah - I'm David Hasselhoff!!

Good grief.


RachelW said...

Has someone been watching Spongebob? ;)

Gypsy Guru said...


Cygnus MacLlyr said...


EVIL one, indeed!


Ah, m'Lady... you do know how to bequeath Smiles...

Your Words...

[AND little Bird's!!!lol!]

THANKS for the laugh, Lady K...