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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Nudes

One of the more...interesting...facets of this community is the clothing...or lack thereof.

This event is clothing optional. Lest you suddenly feel the need to wash out your mental eye, no fear - I opt. I am wearing knee-length shorts and the usual style top, and that's as exposed as I care to be in public. Actually, truth be told, it's a bit more exposed than I like - I haven't worn shorts or anything above the ankle in more than a decade. Yeah, I'm a party girl.

There are quite a few folks, though, who shed their clothing like an old skin and joyfully spend their time here in varying states of undress. Being human, I look, curious about bodies and their varying shapes, sizes, forms. Also...there are some beautiful people here, and I appreciate beauty.

There's the young woman who walks, hips swaying, loose and easy, graceful, every step a dance, who wears no more than a loincloth. She has a lovely figure, and she's pregnant, about halfway along so her belly shows a little, her breasts are swelled a little, and she is radiant. Her grace is unconscious, as natural as breath. When she passes, I notice her, and watch. She is comfortable in her skin, and it shows.

There is another young woman, tall, lean, but a little soft, too. She wears a loincloth, too, and has something of the Amazon about her - I can see her with a spear, or a bow, a little wild, a little fierce. She walks with purpose, determination, and confidence. I enjoy seeing her go along - she, too, is radiant, but more with youth, and she too is comfortable in her skin.

There is a man, an older gentleman, who lopes more than walks. I see, in my mind, a caveman, or perhaps a bigfoot, slope-shouldered and loose-limbed, walking along at a ground-eating pace. He is older, although not old, and his skin is loose on his frame. He has a pot belly, sagging pectorals, and he's hairy. I try no to look up when he approaches me and I'm sitting. Some views are more than I care to see, really, some things better viewed at a distance.

Young, old, fit, unfit, so many bodies - and in this context, it is not shocking. More a surprise are the ones who are overdressed, wearing khakis, button-down shirts, docksiders. Mundane clothing is more out of place in this half-fey, half-magical, entirely pagan setting.


HermitJim said...

I think our differences are part of the glue that binds a community together.

Besides, beneath the clothes, beneath the skin, it's the inner self that makes us what we really are! The rest is just window dressing!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

The layers of clothing are an extension of the comfort of the body... and , further, an extension of Persona...

Bodies are temples... and some are decorated gaudy (HEY! NICE Polo shirt and Rolex!!!)
and others are suitable (no pun intended) to the Voice Within...

Great visual, vicariously, M'Lady...
Thank You...