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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Chance...

The Ren Fest is ending this weekend. No more lacing up a peplam (a sort of cross between a corset, a dress, and a vest) that I have had to continually re-lace because it's gotten too big (not that I'm complaining, because a shrinking me is a happy me), no more boots to wrestle on and off, no more British accent, no more meat on a stick...


I'll miss the characters, truth be told, but I'm worn slap out and ready to have weeks where I am not packing, unpacking, doing laundry, and planning menus and travel.

After this, I have one more performance, in Ohio at an event from June 13 - 22, and then? Then I am home, blessed peace and quiet, home, unless I choose to travel for pleasure.

But before I look towards the future (and there's fodder for a few hundred posts), I am spending this last weekend at the Ren Fest, enjoying myself. I'm wearing a new costume, as long as it doesn't rain and get mucky, and I plan to have fun and be in the moment.

If I manage to get a photo or two that I don't entirely hate, I may do the previously unthinkable and post them. Or...you know...not...

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