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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Ostara

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Considering the greater-than-usual chaos going on at Casa de Crazy, we needed a day like today. T is working over at the track, something he wasn't able to do when employed. He's missed it and is happy to be over there with the sight, sound, and smell of racing all around.

Bird, Mum, and I slept until we were done, got up nice and easy, went outside an colored eggs, and blew bubbles. We soaked up the sun, enjoyed the bright blue sky, and just enjoyed each other.

The Ostara Hare brought by a basket of goodies for the Evil Genius.

He nibbled the marshmallow bunny's ears first. Yes, it is a bunny. Hush.

It may not be rocket science, but making egg dye baths is serious business. As an aside - doesn't my Mum have awesome hands??

The first egg had to be green, Bird's current favorite color.

While we played down below, a hawk (that speck in the middle) circled high above.

We scaled down to one dozen this year, but we have supplies for more if we feel so moved.

Then it was bubble time...

...and of course, Bird/Evil Genius had to chase and pop.

For once, reality and spirit/shadow were juxtaposed, in agreement, content with sun and simple joy. It's a bubble-Zen thing.
I hope you all have a lovely day, rich with blessings large and small, bright with sun, and spent with congenial company.

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