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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ostara Eggs, part two (with photos)

Mum came down for the fun, and even T and our roommate J joined in. I did two eggs for a personal ritual tomorrow, and the rest were for fun. All told? 24 chickens won't be hatching.

The scene of the crime fun, this morning before I tidied a bit. Good Housekeeping, we ain't.

That's better.

Ready to...wait, we need eggs...

Two-dozen Four Grain Omega 3 eggs, ready to roll...er...dye.

Note the clean, white t-shirt.

Still clean. Wait for it.




Oh, my goodness, my hand looks huge in those pictures! After we were done with the eggs, we still had all that dye. What could we do with it? Hmm...what, what, what...?

Oh, yeah, great idea! Actually, we do this every year - paint his t-shirt with the leftover dye. It helps assuage his upset over the eggs being all done. Plus, let's be honest, there's no way a kid this age will keep clean during this, so why not go with the chaos instead of fighting it? Mum and T wiped their dye-stained hands on it and we all painted a little. I'll put it away with the others, maybe some day make a quilt from them or something.

Our eggs.

Tomorrow, when the Evil Genius awakes, he'll have a basket of toys and treats waiting for him. I The Ostara Rabbit put it together tonight after he was asleep.

Yeah this'll keep him busy for twenty, maybe thirty seconds. I know it looks like a lot of candy, but trust me - there're toys, too. I try to make sure it's more toys than sweets. Also, I ran out of room for the chalk eggs, so they're sitting on the table next to the basket.

Happy Spring, y'all!


RachelW said...

Such pretty coloured eggs!

foolery said...

Did you use more than one Paas tablet per cup? Because I saw a few packages . . . and those purple eggs are WAY darker than I can ever get mine. Secrets?

Kyddryn said...

I used three tablespoons of vinegar in the cups in front of Bird, one tablet per cup, and slightly less than a half-cup of water. The boxed ones, I used one tablet per glass and only one tablespoon of vinegar because I ran out...dang...and a scant half-cup of water. The darker or more vibrant colors were from long soaks, sometimes in multiple colors. T made the deep purple by soaking an egg in blue, pink, purple, more blue, more pink, and more purple. Most of the deeper colors are from dipping, letting 'em dry, and dipping again. I have a spare set of tablets, because I ran out of vinegar, but I had thought to double up in each glass. Eh, maybe next time. I'd love to know if you do that, how it works out.

Becky said...

Oh, they're gorgeous. I love looking at colored eggs.