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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leftover Faith and Begorrrrrra

One of the finest things about St. Pat's around here is the leftovers. Despite healthy appetites and dinner guests, there's always a lovely pile of leftovers to play with. Here follows some of the (occasionally horrifying) things to do with them.
The Usual

Microwave a plate-full any time (sprinkle a tiny bit of water on to keep the meat from drying out). Or place items in a pie plate (glass works best for this, I don't know why), sprinkle with a few drops of water, cover with foil, and heat in the oven at 350 until warmed through.

Retain the cooking liquid (aka "pot liquor"). Strain and place in a ...pot. Now we get fancy, or not, as you like. You could add in the remaining cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, heat, blend until smooth (add water or chicken stock as needed to get the consistency you want), then add the remaining corned beef, chopped small. I don't know what to call this, because it isn't in any recipe book I ever read...but dang, it's tasty and freezes beautifully. You could opt only to blend the cabbage, or cabbage and carrots, or cabbage and potatoes, and chop the rest into small pieces, for texture. up to you. I like the blend-the-whole-mess-together method, and would love it even more if only I had an immersion blender to do it with.

Cut thick slices of the soda bread, butter, and fry like Texas Toast. Serve together. Yum!

Cut the beef in thin slices. Pile onto the bread of your choice (soda bread isn't recommended for this) and slather with grainy mustard. Make an open face melt with Swiss cheese or slather the outer sides with butter and grill it. Add sauerkraut and thousand island dressing for a Reuben.
Corned Beef Hash

Cut the beef into small pieces. Do the same with potatoes. Heat a frying pan over medium for several minutes. Butter that thing - if the butter sizzles, it's ready. Toss together potatoes and beef, then drop into the pan. Press down on it to smush the potatoes into the beef, forming a sort of cake. Let it sizzle on one side until it's golden. Try to turn the whole thing at once and brown the other side - it's better with a nice, brown crust! If you're anything like my Mum, you want several eggs over-easy on top. Ow, I think one of my arteries just hardened. Toast up some of that soda bread and slather it with marmalade or your favorite jelly/jam, and even kings will envy your breakfast.
Casa de Crazy Fry-Up

I warn you now, this is death on a plate. You'll gain three pounds just reading it. I on;y eat it once a year, it's so deadly.

Cut beef, potatoes, and carrots into bite-sized pieces. Slice cabbage into shreds. . Heat skillet over medium. Melt several tablespoons of butter in pan. Add in beef and veg. Salt and pepper as you please. Sizzle, sizzle. Stir from time to time until it's all caramelized and brown. Serve.


Beat several eggs together, add to meat and veg in pan, make a sort of fritata of it.


Do either of the above but add some sharp cheddar cheese. Eat. Die happy.

However you fry-up, toast or butter and fry some of the soda bread, serve buttered and/or with marmalade or jam/jelly of your choice. Die happier.


Susan said...

The hell?! You had leftovers? Thanks for the recipe!!

Kyddryn said...

Oh, yeah, I always have leftovers...because I make so dang much! Last night's corned beef was a four pounder...more than enough for this house load of picky eaters! It's my pleasure to share the chaos in the kitchen...