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Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Simon's, Day Two, Part Two

After we left the fort, we went to Christ Church, the first church on the island. It has a lovely garden cemetery, a mixture of old and new grave sites, flowering bushes, mossy trees, and all sorts of tomb architecture.

The church itself is sweet - we didn't get to go inside, as it's only open in the afternoon, but there was plenty outside to enjoy. I thought it would make a fine place for an Easter-egg hunt.

We had a nice walk, shot more pics (only one-hundred or so, this time), and then decided we needed lunch. As with the fort, I'm only putting a few of the church pics here...the rest will get an entry when I'm home and not worn slap out!
An angel in the garden.

This seal/symbol was placed on the center wall of the...er...columbarium? The place where cremains are placed in a wall with a plaque.

Flowers In Her Hair
(Wisteria was everywhere, and this shot reminded me of a fine old woman with flowers in her hair, dancing on the sand, graceful, beautiful...)

One of many, many photos I took of the church exterior. I adore the roof shingles!

Of course, on the way to lunch, we were distracted by a yarn shop and had to go in...and on the way out? We say the most amazing tree carving - apparently on several trees on the island, someone has carved faces where branches have fallen off/been removed, and we just happened to see one!

We stopped for lunch at The 4'th of May cafe, a place right in (well...near, anyway) the touristy part of town, close to the pier (our next destination). It's named for the women who founded it who all had the same birthday - the fourth of May! On the way in, we noticed they had an "Economic Relief Menu" posted - daily specials that came with a choice of one side, bread, and drink for under $7.00. Today's special was crab cake, but we didn't order it - we wanted sammidges!

Mum ordered the Cuban and I had the Reuben, and we shared an order of fries. Both sandwiches were excellent - the pork on the Cuban was cut thick and was quite tender and juice, and my Reuben was as thick as my thumb is long and served on their own seedless rye bread. The fries were OK, just fries. We both drank iced tea, Mum's sweet and mine half sweet, half unsweet, and it was well made and refreshing. We could have shared one sandwich between us, they were so large, and we left plenty on our plates, in part because it was a lot of food, and in part because we wanted desert - French Silk Pie, to be precise. We did share that!

The 4'th of may is a nice little cafe with prompt, friendly service. Their lunch menu is on the smallish side, offering a variety of sandwiches, a few soups (including home-made she-crab) and some specials, and a few dishes using locally caught seafood. They also serve breakfast, the standard eggs, pancakes, French toast that sounds yummy (Butter pecan? Peanut butter and apple? Save me!), pancakes and so on, and a few special items (Like huevos rancheros, one of my favorites!). Moderately priced, we both lunched for $26.59 before tip. We would definitely go back!

We headed to the pier after lunch, where we shot a few more photos and walked off lunch.

The pier and a fabulous twisty tree that I wanted to bring home with me and love it and pet it and admire it and pay it homage...

Mmm...gnarly tree...

Can you see the butterfly? The dancing lady?

Oh, my...



Continued...(coming up, the lighthouse, Gascoigne Bluff, and dinner)...

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