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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Drill, Kill, and Fill

We're off to the dentist's this morning for Bird's root canal/crowning. They're going to pull his weird little front tooth, too - it's hanging on by a very stubborn thread, and the other teeth are all out of whack because of it. Poor kid's going to need braces, anyway, but why exacerbate things??

Wish me luck - I now have to go wake him, get him dressed, and load him into the car, all while making sure he neither eats nor drinks anything because they're knocking him out for this procedure - even thought the dentist said he was the coolest, most relaxed kid he'd seen in the chair. He's a good kid, knows what the dentist is all about, and prone to be more curious than apprehensive about what's going on...but the TV on the ceiling playing Toy Story 2 probably helped a little, too...but it'll be easier all around if he sleeps through this one. Think they'll have something to take the edge off for Daddy? I think he's more nervous than the kid.

I may have to resort to bribery to assuage his ire at no breakfast, no drinks, and no snacks in the car...although we have established that one does not eat before one goes to the dentist...so maybe he won't bee too pissed.

Who am I kidding? I bet he'll be irritated just on principle.

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Susan said...

Oh Baby Bird! I feel for all three of you. I get so nervous when people "do" things to my kid and I am an accomplice. That's what it takes to be a good mom. And you're certainly one of those! Good luck and enjoy a milk shake with the Bird!