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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

You may have noticed that I'm posting late these days. I'm trying to remedy that, but don't hold your breath - getting onto Dino the Desktop Dinosaur isn't easy when the Evil Genius wants to play. I know, I know, he's six, I'm...significantly older, and nominally the adult here, but if you have kids, you get it...and if you don't have kids, the point's moot, isn't it?


I was cranky all morning, what with laundry, computer woes, not enough sleep, and a serious jones for Lindt Lindor Truffled (milk chocolate) when there are none about, but the afternoon was just lovely.

I took a nap and Bird left me alone, managing to feed himself, entertain himself, and generally keep himself happy while I sawed logs.

We spent a fair chunk of the evening outside, enjoying our spring weather, walking about the neighborhood and playing in the yard. We watched the moon rise up behind the house, beyond the woods, through some clouds. We saw some bats flitting about, seeking out early mosquitoes and practicing their aerobatics (hah! aeroBATics!). Our neighbor came over and pitched a few balls for Bird, and we chatted amiably about nothing much at all.

We didn't come inside until it was full dark, the moon was over the trees, and we were quite hungry.

All in all, a boring-to-write-about but fairly satisfying day. I ain't complaining.

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