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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Late in the Day

I'm a bit late, today...Bird had to have another round of dental work (the last, I hope), including having that dad-blasted snaggle tooth pulled. Talk about tenacious - that baby tooth was determined to hang on by a thread until the kid went to college!

He is now ensconced in one of the horrible chairs, wrapped in a blankie and trying to eat a Frosty with fascinating and frankly hilarious results. It's hard to eat even half-melted ice cream when you can't feel half your face!

That was what irritated him the most - he told me as soon as they were done that he wanted his face back, pointing to the side that's numb and drooling as he spoke. Poor little guy...

Boy, was he mad I took this, too...snort...lucky thing he doesn't read this blog...


SciFi Dad said...

Aww... poor kid. He looks pissed.

Susan said...

Sweet little pea pie! Give him his face back, Mom!

Kyddryn said...

SciFi, he was one irritated little dude! I left him to his Daddy and ran off for the afternoon...no dummy, me!

Susan, he recovered by evening, but he was still an ill-tempered lout!