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Monday, March 16, 2009

Swinging Back the Other Way

I don't have the use of Bob the Wonder Computer, but I do have wit enough to load the photo program onto Dino without the part that seems to have choked Bob to near stillness...so I can post a pic or twenty again!

I had a moment this evening, as evidenced by my self-indulgent little melt-down in the prior post. To make up for that, I give you Puddle jumping and Genral Rainy Day Amusements With the Evil Genius:

It was a misty, grey, wet kind of day, but we went out anyway.
I got to use my new brolly! Isn't it purty?

Bird didn't want a brolly, or even a raincoat...just his new Triceratops boots and a puddle to play in.

Joe (the truck) needed to be cleaned...so he could get dirty again.

What is this "mud" of which you speak?

Splish, splash, guess who'll be takin' a bath?

Happy from toes...

To nose.
I wish I had some Tide...


Faith said...

What wonderful pictures!! Brings back so many memories for me (my son is 11 now) Ah, wonderful mud! You are so far ahead in spring where you are. It is delightful to see blossoms and mud:) Thanks for sharing.

Kyddryn said...

My pleasure, sugar! Mud can be so delightful...until one has to wash it out...whew!