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Friday, March 27, 2009

On the Coast

Wednesday, Bird had his six-year check-up. Slacker mom that I am, I waited until too late to get an appointment anywhere near his sixth birthday, but at least this way we avoided the flu shot! He is just a little above average for height and a fair bit above average for weight, but not to worry - he's probably going to grow a foot in the next month. Heck, he's already outgrown the size 13 (kids) sandals I bought him two months ago - he'll be in size ones this fall, I know it. Oh, well - he won't need swim fins, then.

He also had a vaccination for Hepatitis A, but only after I had a good look at the information about it and got clarification at some of the ingredients. You know it's obscure when you stump the doctor and she has to go look it up! He said "Ow!" and looked offended at the shot, but otherwise was a trooper, and so far (knock wood) hasn't had any deleterious effects from it.

Meanwhile, Mum and I are on St. Simon's Island , exploring (to us) new worlds. We'll be here until Sunday. She has her computer along, and I hope to blog every day (perhaps even with pictures!), but in case I don't - see you Sunday evening!

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