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Friday, March 20, 2009

And Daddy Says...

Thanks to Blogger Dad for sparking this post with his Wednesday offering!

When he was a wee lad...or, at least, wee-er than he is today...the Evil Genius loved to play word games. He was picking up language at what seemed an astonishing rate, and T and I were aware that we would soon have to watch our language or pay the piper.

I've related the story about Bird and the F-bomb before, but Blogger Dad reminded me of Bird's very first experience with what could be termed a cuss word.

We liked to play word games, comparing the sounds made by various animals. I would query, he would answer...like so:

Me: What does the cat say...?
EG: Meow!
Me: What does the dog say...?
EG: Woof!
Me: What does the cow say...?
EG: Moo!

When he was maybe eighteen months old, I added a variant...and hilarity ensued:

Me: What does the dog say...?
EG: Woof!
Me: What does the pig say...?
EG: Oink!
Me: What does the mouse say...?
EG: Skeek, skeek!
Me: What does J say...?
EG: Wooo! (J is a wrestling fan, and at the time, Rick Flair was still wrestling, and he said "Wooo" all the time, part of his gimmick)
Me: What does Mommy say...?
EG: I love you!
Me: What does Daddy say...?
EG: Crap!

I was such a proud Mama! Of course, we have a recording of it somewhere...because someday, he will need therapy fodder.


Susan said...

That's priceless! I love Bird. And Rick Flair.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks, Susan...I'm right fond of my little guy, too...

Rick Flair was/is such a riot...