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Monday, March 2, 2009

Crash, Bang, Boom

Mostly crash.

Somehow, in the middle of loading photos onto Bob the Wonder Computer yesterday afternoon, something went horribly wrong with Bob's internal mysteries. He froze up, and I had to unplug and remove his battery to shut him down. When I restarted him, he was sluggish and half my programs won't open. His connection to the Internet is tenuous at best, and even after cleaning his cache (you know some one's a friend when they'll clean your cache) and defragging (which is nothing like the decompressing I do for myself, but often has the same benefits)(but with less alcohol), he's slow, hesitant to open programs or files, and is shy of the Internet.


I am using Dino, the desktop brute, which is one step more evolved than knocking two rocks together to communicate. Dino doesn't have any of my pictures or Word files on it, barely has my preferred Internet interface, and occasionally freezes while it ponders the deeper meaning of 101001100101010011100.


I went through this last year, and our roommate's brother fixed it...but he has since lost his ever-lovin' mind and I'm not sure how I feel about entrusting my beloved Bob to a madman. Although, come to think of it...I'm mad, and Bob does fine for me. Meanwhile, I am doing the few things I know to do to help Bob feel better - I'm purging files, defragging, crunching extraneous cookies, and generally trying to give him more internal room to work - he only has 23% capacity left, and I think he's feeling crowded in there.

If I don't comment as often as usual on your blog, or post every day here, it's because I am trying to get Bob better and also fighting the Evil Genius for time on Dino. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

foolery said...

I feel Bob's pain. eMac is fuller than that, and Piece-a Crap at work is just a mess all the way around.

Hope you get things humming along again soon. Off to bed now -- hope you're enjoying your snow?

-- Laurie