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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back at the Barnyard, and My First Ever Blog Contest (with prizes, even!)

Home again, home again, jigetty, jig.


We slept a little later this morning - poor Mum wasn't feeling tops when we first woke up, so it took a bit longer to get started. We skipped breakfast and headed on out, thoroughly pleased with our trip, already planning to come back, and anxious to get home.

Bird is fine - he's taking some sort of medication to combat the stomach bug and he has kept everything he's taken in down - mostly water and popcorn. He was happy enough to see me when I got home, but I wasn't as engaging as the computer NASCAR racing game he was playing...guess I know my place in the order of things! He did give me a very sweet hug and kiss, though...

I have so many more pictures to post, I think I'm going to write the posts and put them in January of 2007 so they don't take up a flat ton of space here. Whenever I get 'round to that, I'll post links, because I know you're just desperate to see forty different perspectives of the same lighthouse. Who wouldn't be?

I came home to a package from a friend* and a kitchen that should really have been firebombed, or at the very least cleaned while wearing a Hazmat suit. I decided that the package could wait until I sorted out the mess. Sinks and counter were full of dishes, food that belonged in the pantry, and trash...and the dishwasher had the dishes in it that I ran through on Wednesday! T told me "I'll do that in a few minutes", but I was too irritated to wait and replied "These have been sitting here since before I left and I can't wait another few minutes, they need to be put away now" and suited action to words. The sinks still have a few glasses and cups in them, but the dishwasher is humming along and the counters are clean-ish. I will get to the floor tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I opened my package** and grinned, then got busy shooting photos of the prizes for my First. Ever. Contest!!!

So - while on St' Simon's, Mum and I came across something, somewhere, and into my mind sprang the thought "Hey, I should do a contest where I post a picture of this something and see if anyone can figure out what it is and have a prize for it, and the prize should be some kind of thing from St. Simon's, but it can't be big or expensive or hard to ship because I'm lazy and broke." Even when I talk to myself I'm long-winded like that. Mum thought it was a fine idea, too, so we hunted high and low for the perfect items to give as prizes, something that reflected St. Simon's Island and my classy blog.

First, the rules. Wait...do I have rules? Let me think. Hmm...OK, I know - the first person to correctly guess what the something is gets their choice of one of the prizes. The second person to correctly guess what the something is gets whatever the first person rejected because it sucked didn't match their delightful personality. In the absence of a correct guess, the two best answers (made me laugh, were far fetched, weird, or creative)(totally subjective, of course) win. If nobody plays, I'll cry. Enter as often as you like, contest ends next Sunday at six-o'clock PM Eastern Standard Time because between now and then I have appointments, housecleaning, more appointments, and a race to be Tower Communicator for, and next Sunday will likely be the first time I can give this contest more thought. Residents of Casa de Crazy may not enter, even though I haven't told them what the something is, because I may talk in my sleep and let the secret slip, and how fair would that be?

OK, on with the show.

What the Hell is That?!?!?!:

The fabulous, unique, extremely valuable (I'm sure there's a tribe somewhere that would trade you an island for one), hard to find, never before seen on this blog prizes:

*there's a blog post in this, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

**It really was delightful, and you'll just have to wait...


RachelW said...

I have to admit... this looks like dead fish flesh to me.

Gypsy Guru said...

Me thinks that I hocked it up last time I was sick, but I have no way of proving that some bit of my effluvia made it all the way to St. Simons...

Wild Cakes said...

inside of a shell... do I need to be specific what kind of shell? Because I have no idea. Just a shell... from, you know... shellfish.

Kit said...

Meant to guess sooner, haven't had time. . . I think I'm going to go with. . . a scallop? Looks like a scallop shell, and I don't know what a live scallop looks like. Probably pretty gross.