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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Der Schnee, Der Schneeeeee!!!

Or, you know, snow.

It's snowing here in Georgia. To think just last week we were outside in shorts, mourning the fact that we never got any snow this Winter. Hah!!

Right now, it's mostly slush falling, a mix of sleet, snow, and freezing rain...but my friends South of me swear it's coming down in big, fluffy flakes, a real Winter wonderland, so I'm hoping we get that, too. Bird really wants to go play in some snow...

In honor of our erstwhile snow day, I am baking banana bread, brewing some organic, fair trade coffee, and hanging with my family. Later, I'm going to take some of the bread over to the neighbors.

The house is cleaner that it's been in a long while, because I thought I had band rehearsal today...but the band had other ideas - no one wants to be stuck here overnight if it freezes (and it probably will, because if it doesn't freeze, we won't lose power, and I think it's a local ordinance that when it snows or sleets or freezes, we have to lose power) so we're going to try to get together tomorrow. It smells lovely - baked goods are better than potpourri, hands down.

Shh, don't look now - but I think I just saw some really, truly, big fat snowy flakes falling past the window.



RachelW said...

I'll send some more your way if you like, dear... we're up to about waist-deep now!

Kit said...

Yes, big fat fluffy flakes! Even more down at my mom's than here at home. . . played with Sweetcheeks and my mom for awhile, and built a snow-lady. FUN!!

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, I'd love it - but I'm afraid my neighbors wouldn't be all that pleased.

Kit, we had flakes the size of my palm falling here...they were lovely, and if I can keep Bob from crashing (he's not well and I'm just ill because of it), I'll load some pics tomorrow.

foolery said...

The last time we had snow on the valley floor was late January of 2002. I know because I have a photo of my daughter reaching for a big fat fluffy snow flake (which never stuck), and she was just short of a year old (she turned eight this weekend).

I hope you get two feet and it all melts in 24 hours -- the best of all possible worlds!

And I agree about the smell of baked goods -- heaven.