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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeah, that's about right...

2008 E-Mail Request

To all my friends who, in 2007,
sent me an email with promises of
good luck if I forwarded something . . .


For 2008,
please just send either money,
Hershey's kisses Lindt Lindor Truffles
or gas vouchers.
Thank you!

My mum sent me the cartoon...I have no idea who is responsible for the art or I'd give them credit.

I really love my friends and family. I know, I know, sometimes I complain enough to make a misanthrope proud, but I do love them. Sometimes aliens take over their brains and they send me those chain mail letters that promise good fortune or a cute cartoon popping up on my screen if I forward them to eleven-hundred Croatians in sixteen seconds and a rain of blue ice over my house for a year if I just delete the stupid thing. Sigh.

Being a Pagan, I (somewhat by default) believe in magic. No, not the David Copperfield kind - he's fun, but let's get this straight, he's an illusionist, not a magician. So's David Blain, I don't care what he claims. The clown who makes kids in the cancer ward laugh? He's a magician.

Believing in magic doesn't mean I think I can change an apple into a pork chop - although Homer Simpson would be my best friend if I could. Wouldn't that be neat? To take a nutritionally sound food and make it look, feel, and taste like something else while retaining all its nutritive values? Kinda like tofu, only edible.

I do believe that we can shape our reality. I believe that perception is key to our experiences. If someone "curses" me and I believe in that "curse", then I am cursed. The same is true for blessings. It's all in our heads, people.

So when you forward those chain thingies, you make them stronger by feeding them your belief. Also, you clutter up people's mailboxes and waste their time, even if all they do is open the silly things and then delete them.

For the record, I haven't forwarded one in years, and no one in the Latvian Mob has come to collect my spleen for research or anything. And the one time I did forward one, for kicks? I didn't win the lottery or even get a birthday card from my grandma with five bucks in it.

By all means, send me the funny stuff, but quit feeding people's egos and superstitions and just can those fear mongering chain-mails before someone hurts their deleting finger.

* I have no idea what happened to my colors...and I have no idea how to fix 'em. Hopefully they'll return to normal in the next post.

1 comment:

foolery said...

I am with you on this. I particularly dislike the ones that feed on a person's guilt -- "I want this back!" Well, I'm not sending it back, sorry. Only ever did for one dear soul, and she's not with us any longer. Her good luck e-mails didn't help her, I assure you.

And I just highlight all your type so I can read it. It'll be harder if the type decides to change itself to black, though.