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Friday, March 14, 2008

Where'd the Sun Go?

If I am up, the sun should be too. Right? I've been awake for over an hour now, brain running circles in its hamster wheel. Smell that? It's the smoke curling out my ears from all that activity. I finally gave in and got up.

Some mornings are like that - I know I can sleep a little longer, but I also know I have to be up at a certain time, so I wake hours early and can't get back to sleep. Never mind that I didn't get to bed until one-o'clock this morning - pesky brain won't let me be.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning. I'm not worried about it or anything - I know she's going to chastise me for not keeping track of my blood sugars, being slack about taking my dang medication, and being overweight. She won't be able to gripe about blood pressure - almost always perfect, unless I am really cheesed off. She'll mention the cholesterol medication again, and I'll refuse it again, and she may fire me as a patient because of it. She really wants me to take it, I really don't want me to take it. I'm already on three medications that affect liver function. Do I really need a fourth? What I really need is to lose weight. Why can't doctors prescribe personal trainers instead of drugs? Wouldn't we all be better off?

I was hoping T would be home to watch the Evil Genius while I went to the doc. He was going to be, but ended up going with our roommate J to help out with a job. Sigh. He forgot, when he told J he'd go, that he'd promised to watch Bird so I could have one kid-free appointment this decade. Oh, well. This was the crux of what kept me awake when I really wanted to hit my internal snooze button. Were it just me going, I could roll out of bed twenty minutes before the appointment, get dressed, and go. Bird complicates things. I have to get him up and dressed, throw some cereal into a baggie, fill a cup with milk, and get Bird and his breakfast into the car at least forty-five minutes before my appointment. I hate waking him up early - he can be such a grumpus! I wonder where he gets that from?

I will, of course, wait until the very last minute to wake the little guy. He went to sleep late last night, too. This could be an interesting day. I am hoping to assuage any ill will and Evil Genuisery with a promise of a visit to the gym after - he loves the childcare area. I am likewise hoping to assuage any umbrage from the doc. with mention of renewing my gym pilgrimages, despite neck issues and feeling like an arthritic octogenarian after the last two rounds of huff-and-puff.

Meanwhile, I guess I'll watch the sunrise and think longingly of the breakfast I am not allowed to have because I also have labs today, which means fasting until after they drain me take blood. I'll pack an apple or (more likely) a little packet of cookies for after, so I won't fall off the treadmill and embarrass myself. That'd be just my luck.


Stefanie said...

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6 after having been awake with two different babies at two different times and having spent the last 24 hours with same babies. And yet, like you, I can't get back to sleep. Even when help finally arrives I know I won't be able to nap. Never been a napper. Don't understand how people can just lay down and shut their eyes. My thoughts roll a mile a minute all day until they just shut down around 9 p.m. Oh well. Better just drink some coffee and get on with it.

Bob Cleveland said...


I just have to ask if you're British. Your profile wording sure sounds like it.

Or maybe a wannabe. From what Jay Leno's always joking about, that might save time on dentists, etc.

Becky said...

You know, I feel your pain. I've had to take one or both of my kidlets to the doctor with me, and it sucks.

And I always get hyped up WHENEVER I have something out of the ordinary to do in the morning. It's so weird.

Kyddryn said...

Stefanie - good grief! My neck weirdness kept me up, but at least it's quiet and doesn't want interaction of some sort. I couldn't have coffee or tea this morning - nothing but water, and I didn't even want to drink that since they insist on weighing me every time I'm there. Why can't they just write "fat" on the chart and have done with it?? I AM a napper - if possible, I take one every afternoon while the Evil Genius plays in his room. I have much love for naps.

Bob, nope I'm not British, but sometimes I sound it. I have British in-laws and read much Brit-Lit, and sometimes watch the BBC and I'm an unconscious mimic, so I end up writing things like "colour" instead of "color". But I also use "y'all" and "ain't", so I'm an equal opportunity dork. My teeth are in good nick, anyway.

Becky - Isn't it a wonder when you get a few minutes in the doc's office without the spectators? I love my Evil Genius, but he's so curious about everything I end up splitting my attention and conversation between the two, which isn't terribly productive. Oh, well...wait until he's seventeen and I'm in there with him while he gets his "big boy" check-ups. Hah!