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Thursday, March 6, 2008

But are they made with real Girl Scouts?

I am not a Girl Scout (although I was one a very long time ago), a representative of the Scouts, or a mum of a Scout...but I do pimp their crack cookies for a couple of nice girls (the daughters of one of T's soon-to-be-ex co-workers)(because T is leaving the Racing School, much to his sorrow, for a job that will actually pay him for the hours he works) (But I won't get into that here).

When it's ordering time, I call all the addicts my friends and take orders - they don't have dealers Scouts of their own to order from, so why not meet two needs at once, eh? I also place my family's order - and I order enough for the whole year. We have a big old freezer that I can fill up if I want. Every year, I try to get more people to order, and I try to cut our own order down a bit, because who needs all those crack nuggets cookies around all the time?

Here's what my friends and family ordered:
And here's what we ordered (minus one box of All Abouts that was culled from the herd, and a box of Lemon Chalet Creams that were just begging to be sampled into oblivion), plus a few extra boxes that our dealers Girls Scouts threw in as hush money a "thank you for ordering more cookies than the entire state of Montana" bonus:
Have I mentioned my fifty-acre ass?

I bet I could sell these babies for five bucks a box come November. Hmm...eBay, here we come!!


foolery said...

Ha ha ha ha ha -- I've seen that stack before . . . um, Tuesday, I think. One of our clients at work used to sit in my very spot doing what I do now, and she has remained like family around here. So at GS cookie time, one of the bosses orders about ten boxes. Then, when the client brings them in (Tuesday), my boss always adds another 4-5 boxes.

I finished my box this morning (damn Samoas get me every time).

Kyddryn said...

The Lemon Chalet Creams won't last long 'round here - they may be a new favorite.

Kit said...

Oooh, I see our stack! Samoas and lemon cremes here we come! (drool)

Rachel said...

Good news on T's impending transfer! Yay!

And I thoroughly love fifty-acre asses. ;)

Blondie said...

You are a true American Hero! Luckily we don't get no girl scouts round here, I think they were scared off by all the unkept trailers and banjo music. But, by golly if I ever come across one, they better pray they have enough Thin Mints to keep me busy while they escape! Whoooo Weee!
PS. 50 acre-asses don't come easy, they take hard work and serious commitment. In some cultures you would be considered a queen! I salute you, oh, mighty Ass Queen!

Kyddryn said...

Kit, I'll bring yours on Monday, if you like.

Blondie, I can ship you some if you need 'em to live - they slipped us four extra boxes of thin mints...eep.

Ass Queen? Oh, dear goddess...where did I put those Samoas? Or better yet...where's the rum??

Why couldn't I be the tata queen, or the mambo queen...or the winning-the-three-million-dollar-lottery queen??

Does the title come with any spiffy jewelry? Wait, wait...I don't want to know what an Ass Queen would wear!!

foolery said...

Maybe . . . hemorrhoid rings?

Ohm that was bad -- even for ME.

foolery said...

Said the Ass Queen, once, to her king:
"How come you no give me no BLING?"
King gave it great thought
Then went out and bought
A gold-plated hemorrhoid ring.

Or, the top drawer version:

Said the Ass Queen, once, to her king:
"Prithee, dear, where is my BLING?"
King gave it great thought
Then went out and bought
A gold-plated hemorrhoid ring.

I need to be dope-slapped.