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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring has...wait, what?

Heh. This? Is why I don't plant anything until mid-April or so:

Yes, it's snowing. In Georgia. In March. After a couple of days of clouds and rain, this morning I woke up to flurries. It won't stick - the ground's warm enough for bare feet. Still, it's always pretty.

Along with the snow, there was this to greet me:

It's a blossom from the ornamental plum in our yard.

I tried to get a really artsy-fartsy shot of the plum blossoms and the snow, but my poor little camera just wasn't up to the challenge. Ah, well.

Once again, it is quite windy. I haven't seen the owl in a couple of days because of all this wind, and I hope he hasn't decided to seek calmer trees to roost in. I miss him.

Right, my tea's ready, and I'm going to be useless today without it - I stayed up late reading a trashy romance to help ease the Physics burns on my brain. It's important to feed your mind a balanced diet...

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