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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chief Sitting Bird

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd get up Saturday morning, grab a box of Froot Loops or Cap'n Crunch, or whatever the da-glo colored cereal of the week was, scamper into the living room, and hunker down for a morning's cartoon glut?

And you'd wrap yourself in your blanket or an afghan and just veg?

Yeah, me too. It's not Bugs Bunny any more, it's educational stuff, but he doesn't know the difference yet. Oh, and that? Is one of the huge chars I bitch about on a fairly regular basis. I didn't buy them. My roommate did. He meant well, but you can just tell it was a guy who picked 'em out. Bless his heart.


Becky said...

He looks mighty comfortable.

Kyddryn said...

That he was. :-)

foolery said...

Love the comfort, hate the chairs. It's why men are such blissfully happy creatures and women are such fussy cranks, generally. (But I secretly love the big ugly recliner I gave to my husband for his wedding present.)

Kyddryn said...

I wouldn't mind the chairs if only:
a) they are freakin' huge
b)they are over-stuffed and even my capacious hiney gets lost in them
c) you can't sit up straight in them -if you try to sit in them without putting up the footrest, they rock back and you end up staring at the ceiling or craning your neck to read, watch TV, or whatever
d) the foot rest comes up at an angle that hyper-extends my knees
e) they are beige
f) did I mention they are freakin' huge??

His heart was in the right place - my old, cheap, small recliners were close to collapse, having suffered three overweight adults and one active toddler for two years. These chairs just won't die. Dang it.