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Friday, March 14, 2008

A crappy poetic interlude, plus more.

It's the "plus more" you're interested in, isn't it? That's OK, scroll on down, but it won't be any more fun than the crappy poetic interlude. You've been warned.

Grey Morning
Grey morning crept out,
Dusted the sky with half-hearted light,
Silvered the Leland Cyprus,
Reminded me of sunrises in my Northern years.
Mornings muffled with snowfall.
Mornings whispering with rainfall.
Mornings cacophonous with birdcalls.
Just before the world turns color again,
There is a gel silver look to it,
An "Ansel Adams was here" look to it,
One tree swaying in delicate pink lace
Makes a counterpoint
To this creeping grey morning.

Meanwhile, I am hearing "Bring On the Rain" in my head. The temperature has dropped several degrees since this morning, and a small shower made a comma in my workout at the Gym - all the kids were outside playing and marched in when the sprinkles began, right in front of the window where I was slogging away on the treadmill. Of course I searched out the Evil Genius because I am a mum and we do that. He was holding hands with another little guy, marching along with all the other kids, and I almost fell off the treadmill it was so freakin' cute.

It is darkening outside, clouds thickening and growing broody. I keep telling them to bring it on. Bring on the rain. My poor parched bit of earth won't withstand another long dry like last Summer's drought. We're still some thirteen feet down on the lake. Bring on the rain, I say. Wash away the pollen that is only just beginning to wreak havoc with Bird's and my sinuses and lungs. Wash away the stink of Bradford Pears in bloom (Just in case you didn't know what they smell like, well...the politest way I can put it is - they smell of spunk. If you don't know what that is, go watch Sex and the City until they explain it, because I'm not.). Wash away the dust and grime that have dulled my world, my bit of earth, for months. Bring it on. Bring on the rain.

Again with the meanwhile, the ornamental plum looks quite lovely, all that pink froth against the grey (Yes, spell check, grey. I am reclaiming the spelling of my youth, when we had a choice about these things!! I don't care how much you pout in the corner, it's staying "grey"!) is so delicate, you'd never know that the tree in question (blossoms and all) has withstood some truly impressive winds of late without turning a leaf over it. I do love the grace of the tree dancing in the wind, and it belies a hidden strength, a durability that is enviable. Perhaps in my next life I shall be such a tree, pliable yet constant with tiny little blooming treasures and surprising scarlet leaves.

Now for the gym report, because obviously I did manage to go after fun and games at the doctor's. I did 1.97 miles in 35 minutes on level 2 hills setting, with a top speed of (brace yourself) a whopping 3.8 mph (for a whole 2 minutes, no less!), and three, count 'em three rounds of the circuit room. I felt better today, although my neck is still bothersome. I think taking yesterday off helped, and I'm going to see how two on, one off does as a schedule. I know that I should rest between weight/resistance training to give the muscles a chance to...well...do whatever muscles do when you suddenly force them to lift, press, push, and pull weights after they'd happily settled into an existence of noodlehood. Yeah, the best laid plans, and all that.

Hey, it's sprinkling! I am going to go frolic in the rain...yay...


Greta said...

Yay you on working out!! Now just send some of that sun my way.

foolery said...

I don't see anything crappy about it.

I have to laugh about the Bradford Pear. I have never known the name of that tree, but I'm certain it's the one I'm thinking of. Downtown Chico planted a host of them along some of the streets, and they're lovely in flower, except for that one fatal flaw.

~ WARNING: Avert your eyes if you think you might be offended ~

Okay. My husband and I call them Spooge Trees. Don't know which of us started it, and it's just between us (until now). Ha ha -- thanks for the laugh.

Kyddryn said...

The Bradford Pear is a popular tree with municipalities and developers because it grows quickly, is symmetrical, and it does have rather lovely white flowers in the spring. Unfortunately, they have the funky-spunk smell to them, and also they break apart easily - they grow so fast, they can't support themselves. There are places in Georgia where they've been banned, there were so many planted.

We had an impolite name for them 'round her,e too, but I just can't bring myself to type it.

RachelW said...

Aha! Now you've got the poetry bug, too! ;) Pass it on...

Kit said...

You know, I actually like the Bradford Pear trees- OK, so they don't smell nice- but I think the smell is somewhat apropos for the whole idea of Spring, don't you?

LOL- I switch constantly between "grey" and "gray"- somehow I always liked the e better, but spellcheck does kick up a fuss, doesn't it?

Arizaphale said...

I've just joined a gym so I read your progress report with interest! This will be me soon. Hopefully.
As for rain.....what's that???