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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As in, ouch again. 1.87 miles in 35 minutes on the treadmill, level one hill setting again, and one round of the circuit room. I tried to do two rounds, but I just couldn't. Good grief, just getting up the stairs from my garage was a trial. I need to remember this hurt when I am thinking fond thoughts of Starbucks or Cold Stone Creamery. Although, to be fair, I have been to Cold Stone in over a year. But still...mm...ice cream...wait, no!! Bad!! Down, girl!!

Whew. The downside to being a halfway decent cook is it's easy to get fat. Add psychological issues to the mix, it's even easier. Add elleventy million boxes of Girl Scout cookies a year, assorted easily consumed, fat and/or sugar-laden snacks and convenience foods to the mix and, well...sigh...

So why am I listing what I did at the gym here? As a sort of goad for myself. Making it concrete, you know? This is what I did today...or didn't do. Five days a week, at least four of them in the actual workout room, not the pool. That's what I am working toward. We'll see if I make it, and if I can keep it up. I might even be brave enough to discuss actual weight loss, should I experience any. Right now, I'll settle for less aching.

Oh, and? There was no masseuse waiting for me when I got home!! Dang!


foolery said...

I discovered a great blog about two weeks ago that had just started in January. Hilarious sense of humor. Read it two nights in a row, then haven't been back. Reason? It's a blog about two women who are trying to lose weight. My guilt factor over not trying was just too high.

But I HIGHLY recommend it. I'm almost sure it's called Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? Google it, and if you can't find it I'll check my bookmark for you on my home computer.

If I weren't such a lazy so-and-so I'd be over there reading and laughing and crying and sweating, too. Not ready yet.

Kyddryn said...

Yeah, I read other's blogs sometimes and feel like such a slacker..it seems like I never get enough done.

I am not about to turn this into a weight loss sort of blog, so puleeeeze don't go away!! :-)

Greta said...

Aww. Thanks for the props. Also...do not feel guilty. I am currently sucking in terms of the "trying" part.

Greta (of Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?)


foolery said...

Wow! Look at that! Typed her name, and she appeared!

Pete Townshend
Steve Martin
Elvis Costello
John Irving

is it working? Are they here? :)