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Thursday, March 13, 2008


G'mornin'. Haven't had coffee. Haven't had tea. Didn't sleep well. Grumble.

The muscle in my neck that pulls at the slightest provocation has decided to go on strike. Apparently it doesn't like the gym. Stupid neck muscle. Yesterday, I notice the twinging, but I had hoped it was due to the resistance machines and not the usual. Hah!

Last night, every time I move, or T moved, or a cat jumped onto or off of the bed, or the earth spun, or a spider sneezed in the corner, I woke up with a catch in my breath and my neck telling my head who's boss. Today, I can't turn my head more than a fraction without someone driving a railroad spike into my brain via that muscle.

Also, for some reason my house smells like gasoline, or paint, or some other noxious, fume-y smell. Yesterday, T had the lawn mower plugged in to the trickle charger, but her accidentally had the charger set on "git 'r' done now" rather than "slow and steady". All day. Bird and I went outside to play in the afternoon and I smelled...well, there's no other way I know how to put this...battery farts. You know, that acidic, rotten egg smell? I thought one of the neighbors must be doing some fertilizing or something, but noticed smoke boiling from the lawn mower. Right next to where Bird was standing to reach for his chalk. Inches from my beloved's face. How fast can a fat woman move? You ever see a rhino charging a fire? That boom wasn't concrete cracking, it was me breaking the sound barrier. I unplugged the charger - I wasn't going near the clippy things on the battery, 'cause I may be crazy but I ain't stupid - and got Bird far, far away from what looked and smelled like impending doom.

So last evening, at least until I got dinner cooked, the house smelled like battery farts.

Now this morning, it smells like gasoline or whatever. I don't even want to go down to the garage and see what may have spilled, exploded, imploded, or otherwise made my environment a disaster. I'd light incense, but...um...boom?

So I'm a little out of sorts today. Woo-hoo.


RachelW said...

Fricken lawnmower. Heh. Have you heard about the goat movement? People are being advised to keep goats to clip their lawns instead of using a lawnmower. Handy creatures, goats. They'll eat the laundry off your line too, given half a chance, which is a real bonus if you are wanting to discreetly disappear your sweetie's, er, favourite shirt.

Kyddryn said...

I wouldn't mind a goat, and my laundry'd be safe since I use a dryer (bad granola woman, bad!!), but I'd always worry about what it was up to while I was away. Also, honestly? I can't afford to fence the yard for one. Sigh.

foolery said...

You can tether a goat with a long tether if they have enough munchies to keep them happy for spells


two words:

GOAT POOPS. They lead to flies. Otherwise, goats are good!