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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm going to the gym.

No, really, I am. Just as soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen. And, um, doing the laundry. Oh, and sorting through Bird's clothes and removing the too-small things and putting the rest away again.

Also, I should really pressure wash the North side of the house and weed the Iris bed, don't you think?

Then there are all the blogs I read in the morning - won't they miss me?

But after that, I'll go. Wait. They don't have childcare between one and four in the afternoon, so I have to get out of the house by eleven if I want to get there, get the Evil Genius checked in, change into my exercise clothes, and get in a real workout before childcare closes and we have to go. And I hate going in the afternoon because there are all those kids there after school, and the teeny-bopper girls all stare at me and giggle and my poor delicate ego can't stand it.

So I'll definitely go if Bird wakes up by, say, ten o'clock (Excuse me, tree service in my neighbor's yard? Could you muffle that chainsaw? Puhleeeeze??) and I can get him fed, dressed and in the car by eleven.

Otherwise, I'll go tomorrow. But I will go. After all, I washed my socks and everything.


Mamma Schmoo said...

Well if you don't make it to the gym today there is always tomorrow....and just think, if you don't go today your socks will stay clean for a day longer!

My socks are pristine because, me, I never go to the gym....that would require not being on my computer in the morning :)

RachelW said...

What, you expect to be a mother and have a life, too? ;)

Kyddryn said...

Well, I could go in the very early morning, but then I'd have to get up at an obscene hour (did you know there's a five-thirty in the morning, too??).