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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talk About Art Feeding the Soul!

Well...feeding something, anyway. Mum sent me some pictures of art made entirely with food and I figured I'd share 'em. Nothing original coming out of me today - at least, not that you'd be interested in. I should be going to rehearsal, but I'm not - I honestly don't know if I could drive. When I find whoever gave me this respiratory plague, I am going to thank them properly. With my titanium spork. A lot. I lost yesterday entirely to being limp and useless. T had to cook dinner last night - good thing there we had some spaghetti and canned sauce around. He still feels wretched, too, but he's better than I am. I swear, I have only half my usual hearing (although, since I normally seem to hear like a fennec, that's not as bad as it could be) and my head hurts because the coughing keeps sloshing my poor abused brain around in there. I swear, last night I overheard my left lung conspiring with the right one to climb out my throat and leave me if this keeps up. There are aliens in there, I just know it. Enough whining*; on with the photographs - I got a kick out of them. Now I am going to rest - this post was exhausting.

*I don't usually whine this much, honest. I am simply not used to being physically unwell - mentally is another story - and when I am sick, I usually bounce back fairly fast. Whatever alien life form has laid claim to my head and lungs is tenacious and evil, and I was unprepared for its ferocity. I promise I will shut up about it after this. Mostly. Probably. Maybe. Cheers!


Mamma Schmoo said...

Hope you get better soon. It is awful when you are knocked for a loop that totally takes the wind out of your sails.

The art is neat! Thanks for sharing.

foolery said...

You MUST be sick; I am fairly certain that if you were having brain surgery and had to stay awake all the while, you'd be dictating a blog entry to the nurses. Get well!

Becky said...

This winter has been TERRIBLE for The Plague.

Feel better soon, darlin'.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks for the well wishes, y'all.

Foolery, you're right - two nights ago I was thinking about popping by the ER to see what nice drugs they could give me to make the aliens go away...but I opted not to because with my luck they'd want me to stay AND they wouldn't have Internet. Also, it's possible I'm not insured for the next twenty days, which does put a hitch in one's gitalong. Never mind...I am feeling a bit better after a five hour nap this afternoon.