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Monday, March 24, 2008

Blargh, snort, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, grumble, what the???

Wake up early for Bird's five year check-up, didn't sleep well, breathing felt like I slept with a pillow over my face all night, hack up a lung, use inhaler for second time this year, throw Kashi in a baggie and fill sippie cup with milk so the kid can have breakfast in the car, blow nose repeatedly, get Bird up and dressed and into the van and drive to the doctor's office, sign in, wait to show insurance card, lady at counter tells me to sit, they'll call when they want the card, I get into the waiting room and they call, and why couldn't I have waited that half-minute at the counter?

Go to lab, Evil Genius gets punctured for blood, try to get him to pee in cup, no success (he went before we got into the car) go to exam room, wait. Blood pressure, weight, height, answer questions, show motor skills, draw shapes, hop on one foot (yes, really), more questions, hearing and vision test and...

Time for his jabs. Five shots. Five. Why five? Can't they combine some of them? Or make a pill? Or a patch? Poor little guy - one TB test and two shots in one arm, and the the biggest needle I've ever seen in his leg. No kidding, it looked like a horse needle. He screamed, I couldn't blame him, and we had some hugs after. I don't mind jabs, myself - I never have - but he can't think through them like I can. Whew, made it through that. Pee in the cup on the way out, bonus!

Burger King was in order after that epic morning. Well, they would have been, but after letting me sit at the drive through for more than five minutes, they informed me that they were closed because the computer is down. Wow. You mean to tell me they can't cook without a computer? Can't use a calculator to figure what's owed? Just...wow. After a minor meltdown on the part of the Evil Genius, McD's it was.

While waiting at the drive through (I will not call it a drive-thru, no matter how many places bastardize the spelling!), T asked why it looked like the air was full of ash. Hmm. I thought maybe the petals were blowing off the Bradford Pears, but no. No, it was snowing. Yes, really. Snowing in Georgia in the middle of the day. Hmm.

Right, the end is near, but I feel to crappy to care. I'm for a nap, or maybe a coma. The world will have to end without me.


foolery said...

If I were a more spiritual person, I'd say that was a sign. A sign of what, exactly, I'll leave up to a spiritual person.

Becky said...

Take a nap. Rest up.

RachelW said...

Hmm, you know what it is? You were the 1,865,400,243,899th customer at Micky-Dee's. Hence you brought the end of the world upon us all.

Margaret Chavez said...

It sounds like hell. I do remember those days, having to bribe my son to walk into the drs. office without throwing a fit. He knew shots were coming, so he was scared. Who wouldn't be? But he did get a Bat Cave for holding it together!
I enjoyed your blog...it's beautiful! I'm still trying to figure this stuff out! Anyway! Enjoy your day!

Magpie said...

Hey, thanks for the delurk the other day.

Yes, living in the moment, sans camera is usually better. But sometimes....oh well.

I couldn't find your email or I'd have responded that way.

RachelW said...

Hey, no new posts today? Wow, holy crapola! Kyddryn must really be sick!

Kyddryn said...

Yes, I was contemplating removing my head for a few days to let all the horrid ick run out, but I am back...and if I'm not fighting fit, well...I'd rather be a lover than a fighter, anyway. Thanks for popping in and reading, y'all!!