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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I said "Bring on the rain"...

...not go make a mess!!

So a tornado, or some wind strong enough to pretend to be a tornado, hit Atlanta last night. Usually when I hear about storm damage, I shrug my shoulders, say a blessing for the folks affected, and continue on with my day. Sometimes, if I know someone involved, I will try to help them recover, but for the most part, I have accepted that I live in a tornado prone area and that, on occasion, I or someone I know will have to dance with the dervish.

I am not surprised when there's a tornado, but it seems to stun the news community every time. They get busier than a fire-ant mound when you step on it. A tornado was bound to hit the city proper one of these days, but folks seem stunned by that, too. Like cities are supposed to be immune, and only little towns or suburbs are subject to the whims of the wind.

Several of the buildings hit are places I have frequented in the past, due to my long history with the Festival of Trees, which until last year was held at the Atlanta World Congress Center. I've fetched lunch from the CNN center a number of times, and stayed at the Omnni hotel. They've all had some kind of damage from the storm.

When T first told me about it, he said that they were all destroyed, along with Centennial Olympic Park and some local lofts. Being T, he of course was a tad...umm...exaggerated in his reporting. They are not destroyed, just a touch...bent (although the lofts do look more ventilated that before). Destroying the Congress Center would take more than wind. A thermonuclear device wouldn't dent that convention-filled concrete rabbit warren.

Atlanta is a bit messy - it looks a little like what I imagine a frat house would be after a three day weekend. Below are some pictures I blatantly copied from several sources, including the AP story here and the AJC website here. What, you thought I would go down there myself? What am I, crazy? Wait, wait, don't answer that.

Looks like a movie set, doesn't it?

Outside the CNN Center

Tornado damage, or SEC fans gone wild??

The Omni Hotel won't need window washers for a while.

The view from the Omni Hotel down to Centennial Park.

A downed light pole at Centennial Park

Drama in the sky.


Becky said...

Wow. Guess they'll save on A/C bills this summer.

foolery said...

Wow, Kyddryn, I'm glad you were all safe. Do you have a basement to cower in? I have to admit that I have been completely news-free for the last 24 hours or more, so I was out of the loop. Scary stuff.

Thought we might have a twister ourselves here this afternoon (we do get them once in a while, but just big enough to peel back a roof or blow out windows, and that would be rare). Everything is peaceful now.

Kyddryn said...

I'm usually news free, unless it drops in my lap like it did today.

No basement, but there's a bathroom downstairs that will suit if the need arises. Given the state of that bathroom, though, I'd rather take my chances with the weather.