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Sunday, March 16, 2008


We're what, a week from Easter? I don't actually celebrate Easter, and if it were left entirely up to me, neither would Bird. However, being a half-breed spiritual family means compromise. Well...mostly it means I compromise. I haven't noticed anyone making an effort to join in any of my holiday celebrations.

So we're a week away from what has become a totally commercialized rip-off of a sacred day in most Pagan religions, and I ran across something cool. If I didn't already have plans for Bird's Ostara goodies, I'd likely buy something to help these folks out. Make Mine Chocolate is all about keeping the bunnies folks give each other chocolate instead of the fluffy, high maintenance sort. And, having raised the nibbly little fuzzy-butts myself in the past, I can say with some authority that they are high maintenance. If you intend to tend them right, that is.

I raised Angoras, if you're interested. We also had sheep, and we would spin the combined wool/fur for some fabulous yarn. Mostly, I would "harvest" the fur (totally bunny friendly, they actually enjoyed the process) and card the wool and make blends, because my spinning skills were largely nonexistent. They are still mostly absent unless you require yarn that looks like some kind of horrible nuclear earthworm tragedy, with lots of squidgy bits and some very thin bits in for added fun in working the stuff.

So I dig that the folks at Make Mine Chocolate are trying to keep innocent bunnies out of shelters and rescues when they get too big or troublesome to be cute any more. If you haven't already got the requisite chocolate bunny (And who thought giving kids a fertility symbol on a major holiday was a good idea, by the way?)(Made of sugar and caffeine laden chocolate?)(A food usually symbolizing lovers?) then maybe you could do a double good deed and go get one from the folks giving part of the proceeds to help out the real bunnies.

Brace yourselves, because I am scheming planning not one but two pagan heavy, semi-historical rants about holidays in the coming week! Aren't you thrilled???


Becky said...

I adopted a rabbit (seriously adopted it) who is not cute, but very, very charming. Also, very, very smelly AND very, very large.

Her name is Ginger and I heart her.

Kyddryn said...

They aren't all cute, but they are dear, aren't they? I loved the angoras, despite my allergies and their habit of nibbling on whatever or whoever was handy.