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Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have a bruise on my left leg, just below the knee on the inside edge. I noticed it a few days ago. It's oddly shaped.

I realized what it came from a little while after I discovered it - it's where one corner of Bob the Wonder Computer sits when I am in the horrible chair typing away.

Now I feel like I have to sit funny while typing or risk a permanent dent/weird spot on my leg.
Does anyone else get grossed out by those Light and Fit yoghurt ads? The ones where the woman is slurping the product from the little yoghurt cup? No? Just me then?
I no longer have a TV in my bedroom - T took it and the one from downstairs for his new place. I don't miss it. I unplugged the DVD player and am putting it in Mum's/the guest room. T took his clock a while ago - it was bright enough to read by. Now my bedroom is actually dark at night, unless I open the blinds and let the moonlight in. It's wonderful. When I manage to go to sleep, I sleep better because it's not lit up like Times Square at New Years in there.
I fell asleep while typing this.
I have a ton of sewing to do in the next two days because I am a slacker, but I will get it all done or drop dead trying. Except for the dropping dead part, because that would just be silly.
When I die, I'm coming back as one of my cats. That's Rook, out of the pen on a day pass. She took a nap in my odds-n-ends yarn basket (carefully placed in a sunny window for cats to enjoy).


Holly said...

No dropping dead. I come here to chuckle...that would not make me chuckle.

And Rook just found her home...give us both a break.

Kyddryn said...

No, Mizz Holly, no dropping dead...but definitely tired!

Yep, Rook's home - she's enjoying the run of the house today, footloose and flea free. She even ate a bug this evening, earning her keep at Casa de Crazy!