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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Early Morning, Zen Kitty, Not Zen Kitty

Yesterday morning, I was wakened rather earlier than I'd have liked by an Evil Genius crawling into my bed. He grabbed my hand, hauled himself up, and flopped down against me. He'd spent the night in Daddy's room and he had a touch of asthma, which I think is what woke him. I got him a breathing treatment, and then we cuddled. Soon, the little fellow was fast asleep on my shoulder.

I dozed a little, listening to my son breath, feeling his heart beneath my hand, which rested on his chest.

He squidged about, rolled over, murmured in his sleep.

I lay on my left side, arm outstretched. His head was on the crook of my arm, his own left hand resting in mine, so sweet.

Dear goddess, sometimes the smallest things pierce right through me. How I love my child.

I eventually got up, carefully extricating myself from the tangle of boy, sheets, pillows, and cats.

It was still early, for me. I wanted to bake a loaf of blueberry bread from a recipe I saw here, with one or two modifications because I can't leave well-enough alone.

Whoops. No milk. I forgot T finished it the day before, and I didn't have any money to go get more when I was running errands. Dang it. I grabbed some change - I was going out later in the day, anyway, and would stop and get milk while I was at it.

Since baking was out, I decided to feed the outdoor kitties and maybe do some writing.

The house was quiet - no one but me and the cats up, no televisions or computers or gaming consoles on, spreading noise and chaos. The sun was up, just coming over the house. The front porch was festooned with morning glories.

Little Bit, the mostly-black cat, was snoozing on the porch. She looked up at me when I came outside, but she didn't run -of all the wild cats, she's the friendliest toward me. I can even pet her sometimes.

The morning was so still and lovely, I decided to sit down and enjoy a little of it. Little Bit plopped down next to me, within reach, and began purring, making kitty-biscuits on the wood, eyes squinched shut.

I let her be, crossed my legs, and meditated for a few minutes. I didn't have a mantra or focus words or anything...I just...drifted, listening to the chirring insects, a few twittering birds, the purrs of the wild cat beside me. After a few minutes, I reached out and touched Little Bit. She wasn't in the mood and moved down a step before resuming her own Zen Kitty stretch-and-meditate pose.

I move to pet her, and she went down another step. Zen Kitty pose. She heard me moving and shot me a warning look.

She may be the friendliest, she may follow me around when I'm outside, but she's her own cat.

It wasn't yet nine and it was already in the eighties...hot, humid, time to go inside and leave the porch to the outdoor kitties.

I checked on the Evil Genius. He was fine, now nestled into my pillows in the quintessential sleeping kid position, my travel buddies keeping watch. His breathing was now normal...and he was snoring like a champ (just like Mommy Daddy!).
Maya was a little disgruntled, though - he was in her spot. "It's so unfair!!"


Momlady said...


Anonymous said...

The morning glories look great!

HermitJim said...

Hey...a storybook with pictures! How cool is that?

You do good work, lady!

Laurie said...

Your morning sounds so perfect! What a lovely story and those morning glories are stunning.

Thanks for the link! I hope you get a chance to make the blueberry bread soon. It's a great recipe.

Wanted to let you know I adore "One Morning in Maine" too and have a signed copy that I still read to my granddaughter everytime she visits.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks, Mom!

Fergie, they're one of the few plants I can manage to grow well...mostly because I can ignore them.

Mister Hermit, sir, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Mizz Laurie, I had a fail with the recipe, but as soon as I get the oven back on its feet, I plan to try again. I no longer have a copy of One Morning in Maine, but plan to get one to read to my son before too long. Thanks for stopping by!