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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have a new post over at Mainstream Green. Interested in guest posting for an obscure little blog geared towards helping folks go green on a budget? E-mail me, we'll talk.
Thank you to the nice lady in Texas who donated to the Kitten fund! Mizz D, you are a gem! If anyone else is keen on helping get the kitten out of the pen and into the general population, please feel free to make use of the PayPal button at the top of the sidebar. I know it says "Tip Jar", and when you go to the site it says "Feed the Bird", but that's just because I am too lazy and/or inept to change it.
I am thinking about offering prints of my photos for sale. Think that'll fly? Suzy Soro (acerbic wit extraordinaire) liked hers well enough, as did The Hermit. Feedback?
The other night, I was driving somewhere with the Evil Genius. He was hungry, it was dinner time, and I had a few bucks in quarters pulling my pants down whenever I walked, so I drove through McD's and got him a Happy Meal - cheeseburger, apple slices, and chocolate milk (if the Nutrition Police ask you where to find me, tell them I'm indefinitely in Culinary Purgatory eating cardboard pizza with fake pepperoni and plastic cheese for my punishment). They didn't ask of it was for a girl or boy, and I didn't think about that until the Evil Genius pulled the toy out and asked what it was, since it was patently obvious the contents of the little plastic bag were not a Lego car. It was an American Girls toy - wee paper dolls, as it turns out.

Fast forward a couple of days, and we're again on the road heading from point A to point B. The Evil Genius is just getting around to punching out the paper dolls and their accessories. He's telling me all about them, and he's using his cowboy hat to hold the pieces.

It gets very quiet in the back. After a while, I ask "You OK back there, Little Dude?"

He happily replies "Yeah, I'm just playing with my paper dolls."

Finally, another video of saccharine quality - the Evil Genius has made friends with Intrepid, one of the wild kittens, which doesn't seem to know it's wild.


darsden said...

thought I would pop over and give you a lil stalking time.. :-) enjoyed singing with you this evening at Braja's have a great evening...love the shade and sweetwarter that is cool!

Kyddryn said...

Well hey there, Mizz Darsden! Thanks for the stalk - I feel so special!

You're always welcome here.

Holly said...

I love these random life snippets! Love them.

Suzy said...

I loved my print. Go for it!

Kyddryn said...

Holly, I'm happy to share...

Mizz Suzy, thanks!

foolery said...

Can't watch the video right now (hopefully later) but I love that Bird will find fun in all things, not just "boy" stuff. I think he's a far older soul than his seven years. : )