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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute, Cute, Unreal, Lovely

Intrepid, the outdoor kitten, has discovered the candle holder by the front door.

Rook and Intrepid are cousins. Rook is delighted to be indoors - can you tell?

We have had some spectacular clouds around here, lately. I want to scoop them up, lick their light, sweet, creamy fluff from my fingers, savor them, roll them around on my tongue. Sometimes, they don't look real - they look like someone must have painted them up there, giant brush placing each one just so.
The sunset was soft, gently, and lovely last night. Silk, satin, peach fading to grey deepening to blue, it was a late summer cloak of light thrown over the shoulders of the world.
I'm at the gallery today - hopefully more focused on my art than I was writing this blog.


womanwisdom said...

good day K.!

lovely fotos of the cats...the clouds and the sunset...whew!

did you know that i've tried your great pancakes? and the mmmm...oatmeal?!! i agree, it feels good to make your own of these stuff we normally get in the grocery. i used dried papayas, pineapples, and mangoes and they are soooooo goooood!

oh no, i haven't yet changed to larger sized pants, but soon...mmmm....i think....soooon!

mom, mikai (my daughter) and i are racing...who's getting into those pants first?! ha ha!

thanks for the recipes you share...the 3 generations of goddesses this side of earth are enjoying much!

bless your beautiful heart!

sending you soothing island breeze...


cinner said...

Especially adore the last photo, also the first kitten shot in the candle holder. Just too priceless.

Holly said...

You know, you painted quite a lovely picture with those words, Miss.

And, that cat in the catle holder? Way too cute. And, I'm digging the name. Digging it.

Hope the day is arty and grand. Like you.

Kyddryn said...

WomanWisdom, I'm glad you've enjoyed the recipes! I'm sure there are ways to healthy them up...but why? The kittens are adorable, aren't they?

Cinner, thanks - the kittens are always finding ways to amuse...I think it's their way of saying "Thanks for the grub!"

Mizz Holly, you're too kind - thank you. Intrepid earned his name - he's fearless! And cute, too... I hope your day is rich with creative opportunity, ma'am.

darsden said...

I am in love with your lil kitty. Too cute they are so fun to watch, they have the ability to get into some fixes don't they.
Great picture shots too. I love them!

HermitJim said...

Good and entertaining post today, my friend! Always a good picture both in the words and the camera...

You are a real treasure!