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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Musical Interlude

T has the Evil Genius with him for a couple of days and I'm home on my own, so I'm spending today relaxing in the tub with a book and a glass of wine cleaning the boy's room. I intend to photograph it because no one will ever believe the prodigious job it is without evidence!

Meanwhile, here's a trio of very different musical pieces for your amusement while I spend six hours or so battling chaos with a dust rag, a trash bag, and sheer determination.

Time to give my inner redneck a little play ( I like to listen to this one when I'm feeling ornery)(whadaya mean, I must listen to it all the time??)...

A little musical fun...

And an old friend of Mum's (Harry Sheppard)(I didn't see him when I was in Houston - guess I'll have to go back)...


cinner said...

Good luck with the cleaning. IF you don't come out in six hours, were coming in for ya. LOL.

Holly said...

Yeah, what Cinner said! We got yur back sister.

Hey, I need to know...how did you do that strike out on the typing????

Rob Houston said...

Good music, but I semi expected to see the interlude song from Monty Python lol