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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sun'll Come Out...

And even if it doesn't, I don't care. I'm heading up to Mum's tonight, not for the weekend but because on Saturday we are demonstrating at a jewelry show at the gallery. Hopefully, she'll sell a lot of her amazing chain-maille, and if I'm lucky someone might like a pair of my earrings.

I'm working on more note cards, trying to get some holiday ones put together.

I am also getting started on some crocheted gifties for a few folks.

I am thinking I'll go through my fabric stash and see what I have for making lap quilts, too - if not for this year, then to make and sell next year. I know I have lots of cotton for the tops...I just need to see if I have batting and fabric or fleece for the backs.

Y'all were awfully nice on Wednesday, and I thank you for your support and encouragement - I don't usually discuss finances or financial stress with anyone (unless I'm spending the tax refund and I just have to tell you about the new love of my life)(I wasn't raised that way), but sometimes it just boils over.

As I often find myself saying, I'll muddle through somehow.

1 comment:

MereCat said...

I like your dam pictures. I know where you took those dam pictures too!

And I have this urge to have a baby right now, too. I'm having no new babies, and don't actually want one, I'm just having that nature driven urge to reproduce and it's making me sad. So I can totally relate.

Hope you make some sales at your Mum's. This whole money thing is sucking the life out of all of us.