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Friday, November 28, 2008


Still stuffed? Yeah, me t...uh...wait...

I weighed myself this morning. I do it every morning. Fully clothed, because I figure I don't meet people nekkid, or go about much of my life nekkid, so I'll include my clothes, too.

So, anyway, now that you're trying to scrub the mental image of me and my (no longer quite) fifty-acre arse hangin' out au naturale from you brain...

I weigh myself every day because I like to torture myself. Yep, I hate me that much. Or I could just be weighing every day and using the lowest day of the week for my weight because I'm just a nit. Uh...yeah. Y'all, a gal has to do something to feel better about herself. You feel me, right? Right??

I weighed myself this morning, prepared for a significant gain after yesterday's gustatory fiesta...and I lost three pounds. Hmm.

I ate more, and lost more.

Can that be right??

Now, if the time I spent in fat camp as a child taught me anything, it taught me that food doesn't turn to extra inches on one's thighs right away - it takes three to five days to settle in and get comfy, so next week I may be weeping in my fat-free, organic yogurt...but for now? I'll take three pounds and smile about it.

This means that I am well past my short-term goal of twenty pounds for the year (I set a long-term goal of twenty pounds a year for five years).

This wasn't the post I was going to write today, but it's the post you're getting, because sometimes a gal has to ring her own bell. Oooh, I bet that gets the Google Pervs goin'!


RachelW said...

I used to be a fanatical scale-watcher. Anorexic, actually. One thing I can tell you from that horrible experience is that your weight can easily go up or down 5 pounds, even 10, due to fluids. You don't lose 3 pounds of fat/muscle in one day. Ever. But you can be down that much fluid, easy, depending on what you ate/drank/your salt intake/your diuretic intake etc.

I stopped having a bathroom scale in the house years ago.

Congratulations on meeting your 20 pound annual goal-- that is definitely a trend in the direction you want to be going!

Magpie said...

Good job on getting to your goal.

I am impressed that you weigh yourself every day. I don't own a scale...

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, I know, I know...but a gal can dream, right? :-)

Magpie, I tend to keep my focus if I use the scale daily rather than weekly or monthly. I'm more about the general trend than the daily ups and downs, and I know that one big day isn't the norm...it was just funny to see after T-Day of all days!